ALMiG Controls

ALMiG Air Control f


The ALMIG AIR CONTROL f is a basic but intelligent microprocessor controller that ALMiG manufactures for the FLEX series of screw compressors. This series of control can not be used for any other type of compressor or other brands. This controller sets itself apart from other controllers in that the controller is integrated in the VSD drive. This allows for an increase in reliability, a reduction of components, and ease of use. With permanent display of idle times, internal pressure, compressor temperature, and actual network pressure the ALMiG AIR CONTROL f gives you complete information about your FLEX series screw compressor.


  • Integrated microprocessor controller
  • 1.81 inch x 1.02 inch, back lit, dot matrix LCD-display
  • System optimizer for lowest power consumption
  • Pressure optimizer for constant pressure (+/- 2 psi)
  • VSD soft start feature
  • RPM percentage monitor
  • Pre alarm system for scheduling preventative maintenance
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Monitor for temperature, main motor, fan motor, drive and system pressure
  • Service hour counter for air filter, oil, oil filter and fine separator
  • Automatic restart
  • Remote start and stop features


  • Advanced high performance microcontroller design
  • Five button, programmable keypad
  • Direct access to the VSD parameters
  • Instantaneous monitoring of all parameters and their set points, actual status, pressure, temperature, faults or warnings
  • High speed digital signal processor
  • Digital inputs to monitor external accessories like dryers or filters
  • Digital outputs to control external accessories like dryers, fans, and heating devices