ALMiG Controls

ALMiG Air Control I


The ALMIG AIR CONTROL I is a basic but intelligent microprocessor controller that ALMiG manufactures for the BELT, DIRECT and GEAR series up to 75hp. This controller is utilized on fixed speed compressors but can also be installed on any other brand of compressor in today's market. This controller is unique because it is not only easy to operate but can also be integrated with high level controllers such as AIR CONTROL III, multi control, and plant control. All compressors with AIR CONTROL I can also be upgraded to AIR CONTROL III. This controller allows for full display of system in operation, system during standby, system during full load, remote control status, network pressure, air and oil temperature, pre alarms, as well as various other functions.


  • Integrated microprocessor controller
  • Backlit, dot matrix LCD display
  • State of the art microprocessor
  • System optimizer for lowest power consumption
  • Prepared for sequencer operation (lead/lag control) through a bus system
  • Y – Delta or VSD optimizer (Reduces power peaks during motor start)
  • No Load optimizer (Calculates the shortest possible idling operation)
  • Automatic selection of the most economic operation mode
  • Pre alarm system for scheduling preventative maintenance
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Monitor for temperature, main motor, fan motor, drive and system pressure
  • Service hour counter for air filter, oil, oil filter and fine separator
  • Automatic restart after power loss


  • Advanced high performance microcontroller design
  • Programmable, ruggedized keypad
  • Instantaneous monitoring of all parameters and their set points, actual status, pressure, temperature, faults or warnings
  • High speed digital signal processor
  • Remote start/stop interface
  • RS485 Bus system
  • Automatic backup before shutdown