ALMiG Controls

ALMiG Multi Control III


The ALMiG MULTI CONTROL III is an advanced, wall mounted controller with a high speed data interface to communicate with each compressor simultaneously, up to a total of 10. This allows for your multi-compressor system to run in the most efficient way possible based on the flow rate of each unit. The ALMiG MULTI CONTROL III also features a simple connection for plant wide control systems such as plant control, modbus, profibus, Ethernet/internet, and other customized systems. This controller is not brand specific either meaning it can be installed in current systems regardless of brand.

All of this translates to saving you money in terms of low investment cost, energy consumption, and maintenance cost by balancing the loads hours of each individual compressor. Overall, the ALMiG MULTI CONTROL III controller is the pinnacle of quality, reliability, and technology that will save you time and money both now and in the future.


  • Pressure optimizer for network pressure (+/- 2 psi)
  • Advanced VSD compressor control
  • Shift based programming (3 shifts)
  • Lead / Lag operation and baseload balancing
  • Advanced accessory management for dryers, ventilation, filters, etc.
  • Automatic leak detection and reduction function
  • Immediate access to each compressor and its status
  • Analyzing mode and power balancing
  • Built in data logging