ALMiG Dessicant Air Dryers

ACD Series

acd-series-desiccant-air-dryers-almig Advantages
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Longer dryer life
  • Compact
  • Constant pressure dew point
  • Pressure dew point: –4°F, –40°F, –94°F
  • Volume flows: 5.3 – 5533 cfm
  • Operating pressure: 44 - 232 psi (overpressure)
  • Ambient temperature: 40 - 122°F

The ALMiG ACD Series of heatless regenerative desiccant dryers utilize a twin tower design filled with premium grade, activated alumina.  This series is perfect for sensitive applications requiring clean and dry compressed air such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and hospital laboratories.  The ACD Series is available in 3 different, application specific, control systems designed to meet your industry’s specific needs while achieving economic operation and high performance.

The ACDL series automatically matches purge air use to the demand on the system, ensuring maximum performance and maximum savings.  One of four pressure dew point settings can be selected to optimize your savings based on each season.  The handy controller features vacuum fluorescent text display that communicates energy savings, operating mode and service reminders.

The ACDS series provides a more user-oriented experience with selectable energy savings.  The necessary adjustments can be customized to tailor the drying cycles, in 10 percent increments, in order to match your peak air demand.  This series also features four pressure dew point settings to further tune your savings and adapt the system to your environment.

The ACDE series is the more traditional heatless drying technology.  This series features a simple timer based controller that allows applications running at or near full capacity to deliver maximum value in terms of operation and savings.  The bed regeneration cycles are controlled through an automatic timer further increasing performance and economy.