ALMiG Piston Compressors

ALMiG Booster Series

booster-series-piston-compressors-almig Features
  • Compact design
  • Inlet pressure range 0 – 190 PSI(g)
  • Boost pressure up to 600 PSI(g)
  • Slow-running: 600 - 1800 rpm
  • Air-cooled
  • Flow rate: Up to 1500 ACFM
General Technical Information
  • Motor power: 3 – 40 HP
  • Pressure: Up to 600 PSI(g)

The ALMiG AIR BOOSTER Series of piston compressors are designed for the sole purpose of boosting the current compressed air system. Due to an intelligent modular design, this series can be adapted to work under any kind of operating conditions. This allows the ALMiG AIR BOOSTER Series to solve many problems dealing with low inlet pressure systems while also being able to save you money.

If the current system operates at low pressure for the majority of your applications but need high pressure for a few other applications installing an ALMiG AIR BOOSTER is the way to go. Raising the entire system pressure to meet these needs is both time consuming and expensive. The higher the network pressure, the higher the energy cost. The ALMiG AIR BOOSTER series will allow for higher pressure (up to 600 PSI) only for the required applications while keeping your energy costs as low as possible.

The ALMiG AIR BOOSTER Series come from the factory pre-assembled and ready for connection to the air network. This series is known for economic compressed air boosting, a long service life, and constant, unattended operation.