ALMiG Piston Compressors



The ALMiG HL/HLD Series reciprocating compressors sets the standard in terms of quality, operating reliability, and service life. Engineered to work under the toughest industrial conditions, this series comes with solid cast iron cylinders for strength and long lifetime. To guarantee smooth operation with a low noise level, a cast iron crankshaft, balanced pistons, and oversized main bearings are utilized. For superior heat removal, cast iron cylinders with large cooling ribs are used in combination with the large, high performance fan V-belt pulley (HL). Overall, the ALMiG HL/HLD Series is an extremely flexible piston compressor that relies on strength and high quality in order to be efficient and reliable under constant operation for all applications up to 600 PSI(g).


  • Oversized bearings
  • Low rpm and piston speed
  • High quality intake and pressure valves
  • Premium inlet filter

General Technical Information

  • Motor power: 3 – 60 HP
  • Pressure: Up to 600 PSI(g) (Certain models up to 6000 PSI(g))