ALMiG Refrigerated Air Dryers

ALMP Series


The ALMiG ALMP Series of refrigerated compressed air dryers features the most advanced heat exchanger technology available from ALMiG. Designed for quality and reliability, this series heralds the next generation of high performance refrigerated dryers. The high performance of the ALMP Series is achieved through the integral 3 micron Grade 9 filtration to deliver high-quality air. To increase the air quality further, an integral 0.008 ppm (0.01 mg/m3) with AF Series Grade 5 Cold Coalescing filtration option is available. The ALMiG ALMP Series performs so well that it delivers stable ISO8573.1 Quality Class 4 and Class 5 pressure dew points while also removing particulates and oil from compressed air systems across all operating flows.

ALMP Series Models ALMP100 to 150

  • On/off switch, Power-on light, and dew point temperature indicator (System alerts for overload condition or refrigeration system fault)
  • AF Series Grade 9 Filter / Separator
  • alm-series-refrigerant-air-dryers-almig

  • Optional AF Series Grade 5 coalescing oil removal filter
  • alm-series-refrigerant-air-dryers-almig

ALMP200 to 3000 with the Energy Management Monitor

This advanced 24 volt electronic control package has many user-friendly interfaces which can save energy, automate service intervals, communicate in ten languages, and add functionality.

  • "Schedule mode" for predictive maintenance schedules (Ensures the condenser on air-cooled units is maintained dust-free)
  • AF Series Grade 9 Moisture Separator/Filter
  • alm-series-refrigerant-air-dryers-almig

  • AF Series Grade 5 cold coalescing, oil removal filter
  • alm-series-refrigerant-air-dryers-almig

  • Remote monitoring of the emm™, from your computer, possible through the RS-232 Communication Port
  • Fault condition diagnostics