ALMiG Screw Compressors

ALMiG Belt Series


The ALMiG BELT Series embodies the term "quality." Its unique design allows for both guaranteed high performance while under constant and permanent load as well as operation under any ambient condition. The BELT Series comes equipped with a V-belt drive which transmits the power output almost without loss. This means the compressor is allowed the full benefit of the motor power. With the BELT Series you get low maintenance, low cost of operation, and high performance.

To help with the low cost of operation the BELT Series is outfitted with an ALMiG AIR CONTROL 1 or ALMiG AIR CONTROL 3. This allows the compressor to be optimized and programmed to reduce both energy and mechanical consumptions. These controls closely monitor the operation cycles of the compressor in order to see when there is high energy consumption and how best to optimize idle time. Overall, the BELT Series is truly a high performer with the necessary attributes to keep maintenance and operational cost low.


  • Compact build
  • Single-stage
  • Oil injected
  • Low-noise enclosure
  • Electrical TEFC NEMA premium efficiency motor (ODP motor standard on BELT 75 and BELT 250)
  • V-belt power transmission
  • Y-Delta start for low power peaks
  • ALMiG AIR CONTROL I or III microprocessor

General technical information

  • Main motor rating: 5 - 350 HP (Tri voltage motors standard up to 50 HP)
  • Pressure: Up to 190 PSI(g)
  • Flow rate: 20 - 1550 CFM
  • Cooling System: Air cooled, Water Cooled, Sea Water Cooled


  • Unit manufactured in accordance with UL, ASME, CSA, CRN, OHSA and CE standards
  • Integrated electrical control cabinet certified by UL and CSA.
  • Standard Load / No-load operation. Optional modulation equipment (throttling) for capacity control.
  • Vibration-isolated (Air end and motor isolated from base frame), fluid-tight base frame. No foundation needed for installation!
  • Sound insulation with dirt-repellant lining for extremely low noise level
  • Drive system with increased lifetime
  • Safe, fully unloaded start-up using ALMIG intake valve with intake filter
  • Oil-injection-cooled compressor stage
  • Easy fill oil sump tank for best pre-separation using impact and gravitational separation design
  • Easy, spin-on oil separator cartridge for high compressed air quality and low residual oil content
  • Oversized, efficient, and easily cleaned oil and air cooling system using industrial-grade, treated aluminum
  • Turbine or axial fan for optimum cooling airflow
  • Emergency stop function
  • Automatic restart after power loss
  • Depending on the compressor HP class, main switch installed internal or external