ALMiG Screw Compressors

ALMiG Direct Series


The ALMiG DIRECT Series is a completely new design that sets the standard of direct driven compressors. Direct driven means the power of the motor is directly transmitted to the air end so no loss is incurred from V-belt or gear drive. This makes the ALMiG DIRECT Series one of the most efficient drives on the market. Its unique design also allows it to serve a wide variety of applications and operate under any ambient condition.


  • Compact build
  • Electrical drive, high performance motor
  • Direct drive system
  • Low-noise enclosure

General information

  • Power rating: 15 - 425 HP (Tri Voltage Motors standard up to 50 HP)
  • Pressure: Up to 190 PSI(g)
  • Flow rate: 75 - 2050 CFM
  • Cooling System: Air cooled, Water Cooled


  • Unit manufactured in accordance with UL, ASME, OHSA and CE standards
  • Standard Load / Unload operation. Optional valve modulation equipment (throttling) for capacity control
  • Vibration-isolated (compressor assembly isolated from the base), fluid-tight base frame. No foundation needed for installation!
  • Sound insulation with dirt-repellant lining for extremely low noise level
  • Integrated electrical control cabinet
  • Power transmission from drive motor to air end through a 1:1 direct coupling
  • Safe, fully unloaded start-up using ALMIG intake valve with intake filter
  • Oil-injection-cooled compressor stage
  • Oil separator reservoir for optimum pre-separation
  • Oil separator cartridge for high compressed air quality with low residual oil content
  • Large-area cellular radiator for oil and compressed air cooling and low compressed air outlet temperature
  • Emergency stop function
  • Automatic restart after power loss